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Construction disputes often result in litigation, thus causing significant time and expense for your business. Lawsuits bring projects to an instant halt, which generates delays. Mr. Culbreth does what is necessary to look out for your bottom line. He presents a keen sense of construction dispute resolution and litigation services throughout the state of Texas. Mr. Culbreth represents businesses and individuals on all sides of these disputes, including developers, contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers. He resolves construction disputes through negotiation, mediation, litigation, or arbitration.

The Types of Construction Disputes/Litigation Representation We Provide

There is no aspect of construction disputes or litigation, either on the residential or commercial side, which Mr. Culbreth has not handled. Having decades of legal experience, he understands the client’s needs when approaching these disputes or lawsuits. He involves himself in every aspect of construction litigation, whether it consists of contract disputes, filing liens to secure payment, construction defect claims, delays, contractor disputes, or third-party claims.

Helping Clients Avoid Construction Litigation

Other than the information provided above, Mr. Culbreth also provides advice and guidance in helping you or your business avoid future litigation. He does this by reviewing contracts before your execution and overseeing the contracts your company prepares, your business policies, and guiding business practices.